We all understand the importance of going to the doctor when we are feeling unwell or for our annual checkup. But what about making sure that our teeth and eyes are healthy too?

If you’re working on your health by getting annual physicals, eating healthier, or exercising, you should consider taking care of your dental health and vision care as well. It makes a difference.

Why dental care matters

You might be surprised at how much your dental health affects the rest of your body. Most people don’t realize that it plays a significant role in their overall health.

Studies have shown that poor dental health can lead to conditions such as:

  • Endocarditis
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Pregnancy/birth complications
  • Pneumonia
  • Pain and discomfort1

Inflamed gums can cause inflammation and bacteria to spread throughout the body. This can impact other organs and your overall health.

The Mayo Clinic calls your oral health “a window into your overall health.” So it’s important to take care of your teeth at home and get regular dental check-ups. If you are pregnant or have coronary artery disease or diabetes, oral health is extra important for you.

A benefit of buying dental insurance from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) is that we look at people’s medical and dental claims together. This allows us to make sure they are getting the preventive treatment needed that may impact their overall health. And we send out reminders to at-risk members who have our medical and dental plans and have not had a yearly check-up.

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