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Bestow Life Insurance, although a relatively new player in the Term Life Insurance Market, is doing the two most important things that consumers love:

  • Quick and Easy Purchase Process
  • Super Competitive Pricing

Powered by North American Company for Life and Health Insurance, Bestow takes the stress and complications out of purchasing affordable life insurance.

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How They’re Different

Unlike most highly-rated insurers, the application process is done completely online using an expedited underwriting process and no life insurance medical exam.

Even without a medical exam, Bestow is prepared to offer term life insurance policies with face amounts up to $1.5 million.

Bestow is available in 49 states and can easily be accessed through experienced and reputable independent agents like

Individuals from age 18 to 60 are invited to obtain quotes with Bestow and, in many cases, get an affordable term life insurance in less than 15 minutes.

With policy choices of 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years, Bestow will likely be the best fit for almost any prospective client looking to protect the financial stability of their loved ones.

How it Works

Shopping with Bestow is as easy as ordering a Pizza. Shoppers will deal directly with the company electronically and with Bestow, medical exams are a thing of the past.

Simply complete the electronic quote form on this page and you will be redirected to the good folks at Bestow.

You will complete your application online, and when approved, you can pay electronically and your policy will be delivered electronically for your review.

To get a quick estimate, you need only to answer 6 questions:

  1. Gender
  2. DOB
  3. Height
  4. Weight
  5. Zip Code
  6. Nicotine Use
Apply Online
No medical exam or blood/urine tests and only a few medical questions
Get Your Quote
If qualified, you can review your rate instantly
Get Your Coverage
Get your policy specifics and then lock in your coverage
Get Bestow Insurance Quote Now!

Pros and Cons

Like other insurance companies, there are pros and cons which means there just isn’t one insurance company that will be a great fit for every insurance shopper. We believe, however, that Bestow’s Con list is shorter than many of its competitors:



Fast policy decision with no medical exam

Not available in NY state or to anyone over age 60

Less complaints to state regulators than many other highly-rated companies

Face amounts limited to $1.5 million

Available in all states except New York

No optional riders available

Is Bestow Right for Me?

As with any insurer, Bestow may not be the best fit for you. Based on their underwriting guidelines and rates, Bestow will be the best fit for younger and healthy applicants.

Moreover, if you are looking to replace a current policy, Bestow cannot help you if you live in Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Nevada, Oklahoma,or Wyoming.

Get Bestow Insurance Quote Now!

What Bestow Customers are Saying

Instead of taking our word for it, check out what Bestow’s customers are saying about its products, pricing, customer service, and claim service.

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Get Bestow Insurance Quote Now!
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