8 ejercicios con banda de resistencia para calentar

It’s vital to at all times embody a heat up (and funky down) in your exercise routine. This fashion you get your physique prepared for running or strength training and might forestall accidents. 

Why warm-up workouts are so vital earlier than a exercise: 

  • You progressively improve coronary heart fee and physique temperature.
  • Muscle tissues get heat; tendons and joints grow to be extra supple.  
  • Damage prevention.
  • Higher mobility, flexibility, and psychological focus. 

The benefits to using resistance bands in your health routine are important; plus, they will make your heat up workouts extra enjoyable and fascinating. Out there in numerous sizes and strengths, you need to use them to stimulate particular muscle teams.  

We’ve put collectively the eight best warm-up workouts with resistance bands so that you can get began. Do eight to 10 reps of every train for 2 or three units. This can be a nice approach to heat up your complete physique.

Four Higher Physique Heat-Up Workout routines with Resistance Bands 

1. Shoulder Circles

  1. Get up straight and pull your shoulders again and down. 
  2. Grasp the train band in every hand and stretch your arms out to the edges. 
  3. Transfer the resistance band up over your head and behind you, at all times sustaining pressure on the band. Then transfer the band up and again over your head once more till your palms are the place you began. 

2. Face Pulls

Warm up exercise with resistance band: face pulls

  1. Connect the train band to one thing on the degree of your face. Grasp it with each palms and take just a few steps backward. 
  2. Your arms ought to be stretched out in entrance of you with slight pressure on the resistance band. 
  3. Now pull your palms towards your face. Be sure that to maintain your elbows up. 
  4. Maintain this place for just a few seconds after which return to the beginning place. 

3. Lateral Increase

Warm up exercise with resistance band: lateral raise

  1. Lay the resistance band on the ground and stand on the center of it. Seize the ends of the band and let your arms dangle by your sides. Tense your abs and glutes. 
  2. Convey your arms up at your sides till they’re parallel to the ground. 
  3. Maintain this place for 5 seconds, then decrease your arms again all the way down to the beginning place. 

4. Aspect Bend

Warm up exercise with resistance band: Side bend

  1. Put your arms up straight above your head and maintain the resistance band tightly between your palms. 
  2. Bend your higher physique to the facet, alternating left and proper. 

Four Decrease Physique Workout routines with Resistance Bands 

1. Banded Entrance Squat

Warm up exercise with resistance band: banded front squat

  1. Stand on a loop resistance band together with your ft shoulder-width aside. Stretch the band as much as your shoulders. 
  2. Cross your forearms and maintain your core tight. 
  3. Drop down right into a squat. Be sure to are doing the squat properly
  4. Transfer again up into the beginning place.


    Maintain your weight in your heels and don’t squat so low that your hips begin to tuck below and also you lose the arch in your backbone. 

2. Aspect Stroll

Warm up exercise with resistance band: Side walks

  1. You’ll want a brief resistance band for this train. Utilizing a loop band, place each ft contained in the loop and the band round your thighs.
  2. Bend your knees, your higher physique ought to be dealing with ahead, and maintain your palms in entrance of your physique. 
  3. Take one step to the facet. The band ought to be below pressure all through your complete transfer. 
  4. Do the train in each instructions. 

3. Deadlift

Warm up exercise with resistance band: deadlift

  1. Lay the resistance band on the ground and place your ft on it hip-width aside. 
  2. Now grasp each ends of the train band together with your palms. Maintain your again straight. 
  3. Push up by way of your hips and knees and are available right into a standing place. Tighten your glutes as you arise. 
  4. Come again all the way down to the place your palms are on the top of your shins.

4. Kicks

Warm up exercise with resistance band: kicks

  1. You’ll want a brief loop resistance band for this train. Step into the band with each ft and place it on the top of your quads (simply above the knees). 
  2. Swing your proper leg ahead and again in a managed method. 
  3. Now repeat this train with the left leg. 

Our tip:

You may also do that train with the resistance band positioned at your ankles. A variation on this train entails shifting your stretched leg in circles.


As you’ll be able to see, train bands are a really useful gizmo to combine up your health routine. You may combine them into your heat up and use them to push your workouts to the next level. You’ll discover all of the resistance bands you want for warm-up workouts at BLACKROLL®.



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